The World of Whimsy

Welcome to the World of Whimsy.  This is where the endearing little snowman, who brightens our winter days, enjoys the little things in life.  Prints and cards are available for purchase at the bottom of the page.

Whimsy began as part of a “painting-a-day” challenge.  After several days of painting intricate butterflies and animals, I ran into a busy day where other tasks preventing me from starting the next challenge until late in the afternoon.  Hmm. . .what to paint that is quick, but still charming?  That was the day Whimsy began his adventures.

I created the first Whimsy designs during the winter of 2020, and he was so well received that I made greeting cards from his paintings.  They sold out quickly and I had to put in a rush order in time for Christmas card season.

In winter of 2021, I knew exactly which scenes in the World of Whimsy I would be painting–I had been thinking about them since the last winter!  I began early one morning and created all three of the next designs in one day, finishing just before midnight that night.

The lastest addition to the Whimsy collection is “Whimsy’s Secret Valentine,” created in 2022.  It is left up to our imaginations who his secret love really is.